1. You need to know the relationship with your children can never be more important than your marriage.

2. You need to know expertssuggest waiting a year or two before having kids so the two of you can grow in your relationship.

3. You need to know havingchildren is actually more life changing than getting married.

4. You need to know she’ll want to have a deep meaningful discussion about whether Brook is a boy’s name or a girl’s name.With about two minutes to go in a tight game.

5. You need to know a child won’t save your marriage. That’s a lot of responsibility to put on a three-month-old.

6. You need to know that even if hedresses the kids for school, packs the lunchboxes, and writes the thank-you notes, she will always feel like she’s the one being judged by the world.

7. You need to know fathers need to take parental leave as much as moms do.


1. You need to know being married means you have somebody to tell your secrets to.

2. You need to know you’rethe one person in the world they trust to not hurt them.

3. You need to know praying togethercan be more intimate than sex. And just as important for a healthy marriage.

4. You need to know there arefive kinds of intimacy: physical, emotional, mental, social, and the easiest and quickest, the physical.

5. You need to know to hold handslike teenagers do. In the movies, walking down the street, in restaurants.

6. You need to know sometimes you’rethe strong one. Sometimes not.

7. You need to know that dreamingabout the future together is one of the real joys of marriage. He may dream about a monster pickup truck; she may dream about shutters. Enjoy the dreams.


May you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2014!

Be a blessing to others!


1. You need to know your marriage and career will compete for your attention.

2. You need to know to get your priorities in order: God. Family. Then work.

3. You need to know you could spend less than fifteen minutes a day talking to each other. If that happens, one day you won’t recognize each other.

4. You need to know that your spouse will play a big role in your success at work.

5. You need to know to pay as much attention to your marriage as you do to your career.

6. You need to know to not make work your life. Some of the most successful business people in the world are working on their third marriage.

7 You need to know to not make anyone feel guilty for going to work.


1. You need to know these stats:
25% of marriages have to deal
with alcoholism
22% with drug addiction
28% with infidelity
40% with financial crisis
100% with each other.

2. You need to know to act like you enjoy what your spouse likes. She may love watching the stars at night while you’re bored to tears. Still, you watch.

3. You need to know that if you concentrate on what’s good and right and wonderful about your marriage,
soon that’s all you’ll be able to see.

4. You need to know shared sacrifice— like tithing or community service—makes a marriage stronger.

5. You need to know your happiness can’t rest on what your spouse thinks of you this very moment.

6. You need to know God hasn’t assigned you to try and control your spouse’s thoughts. It’s futile to try.


1. You need to know a marriage can survive garlic breath, snoring, financial collapse, perhaps even infidelity. But it can’t survive without forgiveness.

2. You need to know marriage isn’t built on how you handle the easy moments, but how you get through the difficult ones.

3. You need to know you’ll find it easier to forgive a serial killer than your wife for saying something hurtful.

4. You need to know silence, moodiness, and sulking are evidence you’re holding on to the problem.

5. You need to know you don’t have to wait until the other person apologizes first. Just say, “I’m sorry.”

6. You need to know that forgiveness and peacemaking and problem solving are three of your primary responsibilities. And three keys to a successful marriage.

7. You need to know you can work to forgive someone right after a fight, or you can wait twenty-four hours to sulk about it and get steamed all over again.


1. You need to know that when you’re married, there’s a lot more to disagree about than when you were just dating.

2. You need to know expressing anger and disagreement in a positive way can make a marriage stronger.

3. You need to know the quickest way to start a fight is to start comparing each other to other people.

4. You need to know to not throw around the “D” word. Used often enough, everyone could start believing it’s a possibility.

5. You need to know marital discord is one of the leading causes of human suffering.

6. You need to know fighting with each other can make you nuts. Relationship difficulties are one of the most common reasons people seek psychological services.

7. You need to know that instead of trying to win an argument, the best thing to do is let everyone cool off. Put it on hold a few hours or days. See if the issue is still there when you come back.


1. You need to know to discuss difficult issues before you get married, not when you’re on the way out the door.

2. You need to know that the honeymoon feeling of love—you know, when everything is new and wonderful and exciting—can end before the wedding. And this has nothing to do with whether or not you’ll be happy as a couple.

3. You need to know the first two years of marriage carry the highest risk of affairs and divorce.

4. You need to know that if you think your spouse has changed, look at yourself. Maybe you no longer find his drinking amusing.

5. You need to know marriage is no place for rugged individualism.

6. You need to know women tend to start more conversations about problems in the relationship than men do. Men are happy if they’re holding the remote control.

7. You need to know problems are part of life. Divorce doesn’t have to be.

8. You need to know if you’re having trouble sleeping together, a bigger bed might solve everything.


1. You need to know men and women think differently about sex. To begin with, he’s usually thinking about it.

2. You need to know to invite God into the bedroom. Hey, the whole thing is His idea.

3. You need to know sex between a husband and wife is sacred.

4 You need to know sex was created by God as a gift for married couples.

5. You need to know you were designed to desire your spouse.

6. You need to know that in a loving marriage, sex is like icing on the cake. The cake, however, is made up of love and faith and kindness and patience and respect.

7. You need to know if sex stops in a marriage, the marriage itself is not far behind.

8. You need to know giving your body to your spouse is a spiritual act. An offering of yourself.

9. You need to know how to talk about sex without ego, emotion, or embarrassment.


1. You need to know studies indicate a good marriage makes you as happy as putting $100,000 a year into your savings account. This doesn’t mean that getting married ten times will make you feel like a millionaire.

2. You need to know marriage improves your sex life. That should make you happy.

3. You need to knowmarriage keeps people alive longer. Scientists don’t know why.

4. You need to know one key to marriage happiness is not to tell the other person every time he does something wrong. Breathe deep. Don’t open your mouth.

5. You need to know marriage reduces stress and stress-related illnesses. In other words, you may be mad at your spouse, but it’s better than being mad at life.With no one to snap at.

6. You need to know love and praise are contagious. The more love and praise you offer, the more of it you get back.

7. You need to know that a willingness to sacrifice your needs for your partner is directly linked to a happy marriage.


1. You need to know having a stress-free life together is a myth. What you will have is someone to face the stress with.

2. You need to know it’s a myth that marriage changes people. But people can change a marriage.

3. You need to know a perfect marriage requires perfect people. Which is a myth.

4. You need to know it’s a myth that a happy couple agrees about everything. In fact, some of the happiest couples may rarely agree about anything. Except to love and accept each other.

5. You need to know that never going to bed angry is a myth. If couples never went to bed angry, they would be sleep deprived.

6. You need to know it’s a myth that marriage ill make you happier. If you’re unhappy now, you’ll be just as unhappy later.


1. You need to know God has brought you together.

2. You need to know you’ve made a covenant with your spouse. Not a business contract.

3. You need to know to turn your marriage over to God every morning. He has some thoughts about it.

4. You need to know to agree beforehand what role faith will play in your marriage. And what role it will play when things go south.

5. You need to know that you must be at peace with God before you can be at peace in your marriage.

6. You need to know that if you make your spouse your god, they will always disappoint you.

7. You need to know to not try to change your spouse’s beliefs. That’s God’s job. Not yours.

8. You need to know a spiritual foundation is vital to a healthy marriage. There will be times when it carries you.

9. You need to know that marriage isn’t about the two of you. It’s about the three of you.


1. You need to know there’ll be some days you’ll have to really work at loving the other person. Especially those days when she’s snarling at you.

2. You need to know that love is showing patience for a man who hasn’t picked up his laundry in three days.

3. You need to know love is caring more about another person’s happiness than your own.

4. You need to know true love is loving another person in spite of their annoying little habits that
would drive another person nuts.

5. You need to know love is letting another person lean on you.

6. You need to know love is listening.

7. You need to know love is reassuring your pregnant wife that her gas problems don’t embarrass you.

8. You need to know that love is agreeing to go to a therapist even though you think it’s the other person who has a few loose screws.


1. You need to know the marriage is more important than the wedding. And requires even more planning.

2. You need to know your relationship will be sanctified.

3. You need to know you’re promising “till death do you part.” Not “till the good times end.”

4. You need to know to marry for character more than for good looks or money. Okay, a little more.

5. You need to know to use your mind as well as your heart when you choose a spouse.

6. You need to know a happy couple is made up of two individuals committed to each other.

7. You need to know about Trash to Treasure, where you can find everything fromwedding gowns used once to deep-discount wedding decorations.

8. You need to know you’re choosing the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. And still make
passes at when you’re both on walkers.

9. You need to know you’re launching into a fifty-year conversation, interrupted by life.


A wedding is a joyful celebration of two people being so in love they make a spiritual and public vow of their decision to come together. A marriage is what happens after the ceremony.

Weddings have become a huge money-making industry. But staying married is what couples really need to spend their time and energy on. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting married next week or if you’ve been married twenty-five years, you will face challenges and issues that could break you apart. 


When most brides plan their wedding, they tend naturally to focus more on their dress and less on the groom’s look. Maybe that is the reason why the groom’s attire seems to be the same in many weddings.

There are so many alternatives to the ‘plain black suit’ out there!

I think that the grooms attire is also extremely important because it is another visual element that should match the theme, the style of the wedding day, and the bride’s dress. If all the elements come together, it makes the pictures more beautiful and even helps inspire your wedding photographer photographer :)

While I was browsing online to find groom’s suits for this blog post, I was amazed by how much information there is out there on groom’s attire. A whole new world opened itself up to me. It just proved to me how true it is that not everyone should not stick with the black, formal suit all the time, and that they should open their eyes to different options.


What to wear?

Make sure he looks good walking down the aisle. Here, style and fit tips to make him gorgeous in any suit he chooses.

Suit or tuxedo? Bow tie or four-in-hand? Classic or cutting edge? Chances are your groom won't put quite as much time and effort into picking his wedding suit as you'll put into selecting your gown, but he still has plenty of decisions to make. He'll want to look great, feel comfortable and match the overall style and formality of the wedding. Here's help.

One thing is for sure…all men look better in a tuxedo. But just like men, not all tuxedos are built alike. Subtle differences in jackets, collars, and pant styles can be flattering or fatal, depending on your body type, so the challenge is finding the right style for you. Remember, a wedding picture lasts a lifetime, so there's every reason to look your best. Here's how…

The traditional purpose of formal attire for men is to create a simple, yet elegant style of dress that allows the woman to stand out. At no time is this more important than on her wedding day. There are many guidelines to consider, but it's your wedding, so feel free to bend the rules slightly as you see fit: (Check out Groom's Glossary for more style definitions.)


The bridal bouquet began as a bunch of fragrant herbs (often garlic flowers) whose job was to keep evil spirits away from the bride. It started not as a bouquet, but as a garland of fresh herbs stuck in the bride hair. When Queen Victoria got married she carried fresh flowers in a bride’s bouquet instead herbs. Thus in since Victorian times flowers carried messages, as each flower had its own special meaning.

It wasn’t before XIV century when the bride started to throw personal things and among them her bridal bouquet before she leaves on her wedding trip. Prior to this tradition getting a piece of the bride’s clothing was considered good luck. In those days, guests would grab bride’s wedding dress and tear off pieces of it. Nowadays, the groom removes and tosses the garter, while the bride tosses her bouquet.

Did you know that magnolia means love of nature and stephanotis signifies marital happiness? During the Victorian era, The Language of Flowers created an ultra-romantic language for lovers' correspondence in which flowers replaced words. If you want to suffuse your wedding flowers with symbolism, check out our guide to the most popular wedding flowers and decide which messages move you most. Happy gathering!


The Tradition of Wedding Garters

It is believed that the tradition of wedding garters is one of the oldest wedding traditions still in practice. There are a few theories as to how wedding garters came to be so popular and how they have stood the test of time.

Several centuries ago, it was believed that owning a piece of the wedding dress that the bride wore on her wedding day would bring the owner good luck. This would often end up with the wedding dress being ripped and ruined. Thus, the brides started wearing wedding garters so that the good luck could be thrown to a single guest.

These days, it is tradition for the groom to remove the garter from the bride and throw it to all eligible bachelors to ensure his good luck. The bride, in turn, throws her bouquet to eligible women and that woman will be the next to marry. This varies from the tradition of centuries ago. It used to be the bride who would throw the garter to the eligible men. It is said that sometimes the men at the wedding would become too drunk and try to forcefully remove the garter from the bride. The groom would intervene and remove the garter from the bride to protect her. Thus, the groom rather than the bride threw wedding garters to the crowd.


Say now isn't there a special occasion coming up?

Well, if it is your wedding then you're probably thinking about what song to pick for your wedding!

If you're an avid lover of music then you should probably give this list a try which might just have the perfect song that fits the fairytale romance of your life!

Here are the list:

  1. Make you feel my love - Adele
  2. Marry You - Bruno Mars
  3. Marry me - Train
  4. You and me - Dave Matthews
  5. All my life - k-ci and jojo
  6. You and me - life House
  7. I do - Colbie Caillat
  8. A Thousand Years - Christian Perri
  9. I'm yours - Jason Mraz
  10. I loved her first - Heartland
  11. Perfect Two - Auburn
  12. God gave me you - Blake Sheton
  13. Just the way you are - Bruno Mars
  14. Breathe - Faith Hill
  15. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
  16. Your Song - Elton John
  17. Then - Brad Paisley
  18. Greatest Day- Take That
  19. Come Away with me - Nora Jones
  20. Because of you - Neyo


Here it is – the ultimate list of best wedding love songs. Instead of arrange the songs according to wedding category, we’ve opted to provide one big list which alphabetically lists the song by title, as just about any song could be used in any number of stages during a wedding.

This list should also give you some ideas for background music to put to your wedding video, or your wedding photo slideshow.


The bells are officially ringing for wedding season! Whether you're a spouse-to-be, a maid of honor, a guest, or even a Pinterest-addicted aspiring bride, these matrimony-appropriate looks are sure to bring out your inner celebrity on the big day.

Ashley Madekwe
Although the "Revenge" star's Jennifer Behr broach looked glitzy, her loose and textured top knot added contrast for a more effortless and less contrived feel. In order to balance out the sizable hair ornament, Sally Hershberger's wedding hair wizard Ruben Colon said the sideswept bangs are essential. "It makes the clip more proportional and also keeps the style looking more youthful," he said. To tidy up a top knot just a bit, Colon recommended spritzing hairspray on the backside of a paddle brush and using it as a tool to smooth the surface of the bun.



A number of matching accessories are available so you can carry your stationery theme throughout your wedding. It is consist of wedding invitations, save the dates, ceremony programs, place cards, table numbers, dinner menus, thank you cards and much more for your modern wedding.

All wedding invitations and accessories are printed on amazingly thick pearl shimmer paper in your choice of ink color. Some stores offers the best in printing, paper, and service and our quality is unmatched!

Save the Dates

In general, save the dates should reach your guests six to eight months before your wedding and up to a year before international and destination weddings. We recommend ordering save the dates eight months before traditional celebrations and up to 14 months before destination weddings.

Wedding Invitations


The cocktail portion of your wedding may not be at the top of your planning agenda, but for many guests, those 60-plus minutes spent sipping drinks and nibbling on gourmet hors d'oeuvres are one of the best times of the night. "This hour sets the tone and warms guests up for your reception," says New York City-based planner and designer Shawn Rabideau. "It's also often in a laid-back setting, so you can get really creative, bring in different music or exotic cuisine, and let your personalities come through." To kick off your celebration, follow this primer to a wonderful cocktail hour. It includes easy tips, from how to get the flow of your room right to how to choose the delicious bites and booze that your guests will love.

Create an Open Layout

Walking out of a lovely ceremony only to find yourself stuck in a throng of guests pushing their way into the party room can be a quick mood killer. "The layout of your cocktail reception will make or break a good time," says Rabideau. To make the atmosphere more about mingling (and less about waiting for some wine), free the space of potential roadblocks, and make food and drink easily accessible.

Get a Drink in Their Hands Fast


Picking out an engagement ring can often be just as tough as asking your girlfriend if she will marry you. When it comes to picking out the ring you should consider her style, research what types of rings are out on the market right now, consider your price range, become a detective and finally find a reputable jeweler.

Let’s think about your girlfriend for a few minutes. By now you may have heard her talk about her ideal engagement ring. If you have, you’re one step ahead, but if you haven’t its time to do some research on her. Is your girlfriend traditional, creative, adventurous, eccentric, girly, or untraditional? There are many styles of rings out there and picking the right one can be a great way to learn more about the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. If your girlfriend is traditional, you may want to run the idea of proposal to her parent’s first and take the opportunity to ask them what type of ring they think she’d like. Her parents will more than likely be of some help in the area, especially her mother. And this gesture will come off as polite, responsible, and traditional. The traditional girl is classy and elegant; she isn’t worried about current fashion trends, but always has an impeccable presentation.  She could be compared to Kristen Davis who plays Charlotte in Sex in The City. When I think of the traditional girl, I think of gold and platinum with a Tiffany or solitaire setting. More than likely she is highly interested in the quality, clarity and carat of the ring. Traditional cuts would be best suited for her leaning towards a princess or round cut. Romance and sincerity are important keys in proposing to her.


You know its time to get married when, you feel that all you want in life is to make your counterpart happy. To make ones love life a promising one, there is no better option than to prepare for the propitious ceremony of wedding. The importance of wedding cannot be denied, since this is the occasion when two different people join together for the rest of their life. The essential feature of wedding is not only the joining of hands but the hearts also join together.

"Marriages are made in heaven", but we all want to bring heaven on this earth. Marriage plays a very important role in one's life. In present times life is so fast moving that nobody has time to spend with his or her relatives, parents, family etc., but being a human being every one wants a second heart to share their pains. When they are alone in their old age they need a partner to share their life with.

Wedding is one's dream which he or she tries to fulfill at-least once in their lifetime. When a girl attains an understandable age she begins to frame a picture of her wedding day, the surroundings they belongs to, the other wedding parties they attend to, talks with his/her friends are all significant moments which helps frame a dream about his/her wedding day.


You know its time to get married when, you feel that all you want in life is to make your counterpart happy. To make ones love life a promising one, there is no better option than to prepare for the propitious ceremony of wedding. The importance of wedding cannot be denied, since this is the occasion when two different people join together for the rest of their life. The essential feature of wedding is not only the joining of hands but the hearts also join together.

"Marriages are made in heaven", but we all want to bring heaven on this earth. Marriage plays a very important role in one's life. In present times life is so fast moving that nobody has time to spend with his or her relatives, parents, family etc., but being a human being every one wants a second heart to share their pains. When they are alone in their old age they need a partner to share their life with.

Wedding is one's dream which he or she tries to fulfill at-least once in their lifetime. When a girl attains an understandable age she begins to frame a picture of her wedding day, the surroundings they belongs to, the other wedding parties they attend to, talks with his/her friends are all significant moments which helps frame a dream about his/her wedding day.


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On The Day Time Table


If you are looking for a time table, this may help you.

Wedding Traditions and Folklore

Many of today's popular wedding ceremony and reception traditions can be traced to ancient Egyptian and European customs. These were often based on symbolism, superstition, folklore, religion, and even the belief that evil spirits could bring disease and death to newlyweds and crops, which was very important in many farm-based early cultures. Although the exact origin and usefulness of many of these early wedding traditions are not always clear, popular acceptance has allowed them to flourish. Besides, many of these wedding traditions are just plain fun!

According to various sources, some of the early marriages were literally carried out by the Groom and his "Bridesmen" (or "Bridesknights") who would kidnap a woman (the origin of "carrying a Bride over the threshold") from another tribe! The Groom and his fellow conspirators would then fight off the female's family of tribesmen with swords held in their right hand while the Groom would hold the captured Bride in his left hand, which is the origin of why a Bride stands on the left side of the Groom at a wedding.

First Dance of the Groom and the Bride

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my first ND bachelorette party. Soon after a bachelorette party comes the wedding, and this weekend, I was invited to celebrate with the bride and groom on their special day, which made this my first ND wedding.

It was an absolutely beautiful day in Carrington, ND after an absolutely horrible and stormy night in Cooperstown, ND. (4 inches of rain in one hour… not kidding). The wedding ceremony was held at one of the Lutheran Churches in town. (As most ND weddings are being that almost 40% of the population views themselves as Lutheran, the largest percentage of the population out of any state.)

While we did not attend the groom’s supper the night before, we were excited for the ceremony. (Really, I had no reason to mention that other than needed  a wayto introduce a term I had never heard of until moving to ND).



Wedding Singing is quite a niche service and there may not be as many Wedding Singers out there as there are Wedding DJs, but they are still relatively easy to find, IF you know where to look of course! Online is your best bet as most good Wedding Singers know to advertise here, though you still might want to start with a few wedding magazines (The directory sections) and by attending some popular wedding fairs. When online Google will give you the most comprehensive and accurate results. You can use Google to find popular wedding directories such as Hitched, Confetti and Wedding Ideas. Search through their music and entertainment sections, but be sure not to limit a search to your own area, as most Wedding Singers will travel. The simplest and most straight forward way would be to type these search phrases (and variations of them) directly into Google for the most relevant results:


You've been dreaming about your wedding ever since you can remember, and now that you're engaged, you're excited to start the planning process. But planning a wedding isn't all fun and games -- there's a lot to do to prepare for your big day! If you're feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a wedding planner.
A wedding planner is a professional consultant who will help you with most (if not all) of the tasks involved in planning your wedding. From vendors, accessories, etiquette and even the smallest of details, this expert has the skills and contacts necessary to make your day come together seamlessly. Not to mention that hiring a wedding planner will help you enjoy the planning process more by taking stress out of the equation!
Is a wedding planner right for you? If you fit into one of these five categories of brides, then the answer might be yes.


One of the best ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary is by taking a trip together. A romantic trip at anniversary time gives you time to reconnect, reflect, and rekindle the passion that drew you together in the first place.

The best anniversary trip is a trip without kids and distractions. If you can afford it, splurge - on a great resort, an ocean cruise, a place you've always dreamed of visiting.

While not everyone can afford a trip to commemorate each anniversary, by putting aside some money every year you can plan to celebrate the major ones with a trip. I know one couple who deposited $5 in a jar every time they made love, and that covered their annual trip.


The Secondary Sponsors:

These are women and men whom the couple chooses to involve in their ceremony because of their affinity or friendship with them. They are typically relatives or close friends.

There are four sets of Secondary Sponsors:


Aside from planning your wedding date and venue, choosing the people who will be part of your wedding entourage is also one of the firsts and most important steps in your planning and preparing.

Who should you choose to be part of your wedding entourage?
Anyone from the bride and groom's family, relatives and close friends can play a role in the entourage. Remember that members of the entourage are not merely VIPs or wallflowers.


The Principal Sponsors

These are women and men whom the bride and groom respect & admire. They are, as in the early days of the Church, sponsors of the couple attesting to their readiness for marriage and freedom to marry. These are often aunts and uncles or close friends of the family. they are the official witnesses of the state and they sign the marriage license. Worldwide, their participation is symbolic of the wisdom & support they shall offer the new couple. The number of sponsors can vary from a single couple to many couples. The Principal sponsors are part of the bridal procession. At the nuptial blessing, they may also be invited to come up with the celebrant and to extend their right hands to join in the prayer of blessing. In doing so, they are fulfilling their roles as sponsors.


Maid of Honor vs Matron of Honor

The maid of honor and matron of honor both help the bride-to-be with almost everything she needs and will need before and after her wedding ceremony. Maids of honor are chosen because they are the most trusted friends of the bride. So what is the difference between a maid of honor and a matron of honor?


So, you thought choosing a wedding gown was exhausting? Now you have to deal with the bridesmaid dresses. This is the part of the wedding planning process where friendships are made or broken. Bridesmaids don't want to upstage the bride, but they do want to look -- well, not hideous. You've probably seen so many disastrous bridesmaid dresses in movies that they're a cliché. Oh, you know -- the Little-Bo-Peep dress with balloon sleeves, or the satin nightmare with puce stripes and a big ruffle to match.
This brief primer will help you inject some sanity into the search for the perfect apparel for your bridesmaids. Check it twice before you make a final decision. Your friends will thank you for your thoughtfulness.


Be a Good Friend
The quickest way to perturb your best friends? Invite them to be in your bridal party, then turn them into fashion victims. Don't dress your friends in something hideous so you'll look better in comparison, and try not to choose bridesmaid dresses that make your maids look heavy or sexless.

Remember that simple, elegant designs make every body happy. Don't go over the top with lots of details, embellishments, and accessories.


Superstition #5: The Groom Must Carry His New Wife Across The Threshold Of Their New Home To Prevent Bad Luck.

Origin: This tradition has a few origins. In Medieval Europe, it was scandalous for a woman to show enthusiasm about losing her virginity. By the groom carrying the bride over the threshold, she avoided looking too eager about consummating the marriage. Western Europeans, on the other hand, believed that a bride who tripped over the threshold of her new home would bring bad luck to her home and her marriage.


Superstition #4: The Bride And Groom Must Save The Top Layer Of Their Wedding Cake To Eat On Their First Anniversary.

Origin: To understand this tradition, you just have to think back to a familiar schoolyard rhyme: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!” It used to be thought that once a wedding took place, a baby was going to come shortly after, so therefore the wedding and christening ceremonies were often linked, as were the respective cakes that were baked for each occasion. With fancy, elaborate, multi-tiered wedding cakes becoming a major trend in the 19th century, the christening cake


Superstition #3: The Person Who Catches The Bride’s Bouquet Or Garter When She Tosses It Over Her Head Will Be The Next To Get Married.

Origin: The story behind this tradition is downright dirty. In medieval times, it was considered lucky to get a fragment of the bride’s clothing, so hordes of guests would follow the newlywed couple into their wedding chamber after the ceremony and stand around the bed, trying to rip pieces of the bride’s gown right off her body. Because dresses were often torn apart, brides searched for alternatives to preserve their gowns and began throwing their bouquets to distract guests while they made their getaway. When the bride and groom made it safely into their wedding chamber, the groom would then crack open the door and toss the bride’s garter to the throngs of people waiting outside as a way of saying that he was about to “seal the deal.”


The Surprising Truths Behind Common Wedding Superstitions
Find out the surprising origins behind the common wedding traditions!

Superstition #2: The Bride Must Wear Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Blue (And A Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe).

Origin: This Victorian rhyme is a time-honored tradition that is supposed to bring the bride good luck. Wearing “something old” expresses the newlywed couple’s desire to retain connections with their family once they enter into married life. One tradition suggests that the bride’s “something old” be an old garter given to the bride by a happily married woman so that the new bride would also enjoy a happy marriage. Wearing “something new” conveys that the couple is creating a new union that will endure forever and looking to the future for health, happiness and success. “Something borrowed” is an opportunity for the


the Surprising Truths Behind Common Wedding Superstitions

Find out the surprising origins behind the common wedding traditions!

Some wedding traditions and superstitions are so engrained in our culture that we don’t even think to question them. But do you know why a bride tosses the bouquet over her head? For what possible reason would a couple save a layer of cake in their freezer for a year? And why do brides go to such lengths to keep their grooms from seeing their dresses before it’s time to walk down the aisle? Here, we explore the origins of five wedding superstitions and help you find ways to incorporate tradition into your special day along with a few fun, modern twists.

Superstition #1: It’s Bad Luck For The Groom To See The Bride In Her Wedding Dress Before The Ceremony.



You may choose as few or as many bridesmaids as you wish to be in your wedding (although generally 12 is the limit). Bridesmaids can be single or married and of any age, although girls between the ages of eight and 16 become junior bridesmaids and take on abridged responsibilities. The main role of a bridesmaid is to assist the maid of honor with her wedding-planning duties—especially the bridal shower—and help the bride as needed. Of course, bridesmaids walk in the processional and recessional. During the reception, they mostly mingle and dance with the groomsmen and other important guests.


Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is traditionally a boy who carries the wedding rings on a satin pillow (or symbolic rings, with the real rings being held by the honor attendants) down the aisle. The maid of honor and best man take the appropriate rings off the pillow (you may want to tie them on with an attached ribbon for safekeeping) and give them to the bride and groom. Like the flower girl, the ring bearer"s parents pay for his attire and arrange for his transportation.



The groomsmen (sometimes referred to as ushers) have very few responsibilities before the wedding. Mainly, they help the best man plan and host the bachelor party (oh, and get fitted for a fabulous tuxedo). Of course, they should periodically check with the groom and best man to see if they can handle any other tasks.

On the wedding day, the groomsmen should arrive early at the ceremony site, ready to greet (and perhaps seat) guests. They'll be involved in the wedding, and are expected to remain at the reception for its entire duration.


Best Man

Like the maid of honor to the bride, the best man is the groom's biggest source of support. Generally, he is the groom's brother or best friend, and he can be married or single.

The best man's main role before the wedding is to organize the bachelor party. He helps coordinate the groomsmen's formalwear fitting, picks up the groom's attire before the wedding, orchestrates the toasts at the rehearsal party, and confirms the honeymoon travel reservations the day before.


Flower Girl

The flower girl is usually between the ages of four and eight, depending on her level of maturity. During the processional, she walks ahead of the bride, scattering flower petals in her path or simply carrying a pretty bouquet or basket. She should also be included in the wedding rehearsal so that she is comfortable with her role. Her parents are expected to pay for her attire and arrange for her transportation.


Maid of Honor

Out of all her attendants, the bride relies most heavily on her maid of honor. Traditionally, the maid of honor is the bride's sister or closest friend. FYI, a married honor attendant is technically referred to as a matron of honor, but that has taken a back seat in recent popular vernacular.

Before the wedding, the maid of honor's duties include coordinating the bridesmaids' activities, such as meeting for a dress fitting and organizing the bridal shower and bachelorette party. She also helps the bride and groom with any preparatory errands or tasks, like addressing the invitations and keeping records of gifts.


Groom's Parents

Customarily, the groom's parents contact the bride's parents after the engagement. They may host an engagement party (after the bride's parents do). They provide a list of guests to the couple - hopefully sticking to an agreed-upon number. They consult with the bride's parents on attire. They host the rehearsal dinner on the evening before the wedding, and they may contribute to some wedding expenses.


Bride's Parents

In the past, the bride's parents usually had the dubious privilege of footing the bill for the majority of wedding expenses. Today costs are likely to be distributed among the bride's parents, groom's parents and the couple themselves, but there are still certain responsibilities the bride's parents hold.


Who Does What?

It's time to gather the troops! Find out what the traditional roles are for everyone.

Bride and Groom

The bride and groom's big responsibility is to get married, of course, but here are myriad planning decisions to make first. Ideally the bride and groom work together on these decisions, to share the workload and to make sure both are happy with the plans. A small list of basics:

  • Set budget
  • Choose date, style and site for wedding
  • Meet with ceremony officiant to discuss details
  • Coordinate invites, flowers, photographer, etc.
  • Shop for wedding bands (each pays for the other's)
  • Write wedding vows if they choose
  • Send thank-you notes for all gifts.
  • In addition to their joint responsibilities, the bride and groom each traditionally handle certain details on their own, including each making sure his or her family compiles a guest list.

The bride chooses her bridesmaids and honor attendant. She plans and hosts the bridesmaids' luncheon and gives her attendants thank-you gifts, and buys a gift for groom.

The groom chooses his groomsmen and best man and picks their attire. He buys thank-you gifts for his attendants and for the bride. He arranges and pays for the marriage license and the officiant's fee, and he reserves a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.


What You Should (And Shouldn't) Post About Your Wedding on Facebook

All-new wedding rules for the online bride.

Are you the type of person who likes to shout her good news from the mountaintops? Nowadays that mountaintop usually comes in the form of the status update, comment box, Tweet field or group page on your social networking site of choice. Although you might like to share good news when it comes to job offers or scoring that fab pair of shoes, it can cause trouble when your news is about your wedding. Here, the dos and don'ts of social networking to help you avoid any pre-wedding blunders.

Do inform family members about your engagement before posting it on Facebook.
We call this rule number one in wedding netiquette! Once you've told your nearest and dearest in person or via phone, there's no harm in posting pictures of the ring or even the actual proposal to share your excitement.


Top 7 Wedding Don'ts

Adhere to these guidelines and make sure your wedding is a hit for you and your guests.

Of course you want to have a fabulous big day, so you must plan accordingly to avoid any potential pitfalls along the way. Take a look at these all-too-common “please don'ts.” (Psst! They're all avoidable.)

Remember: Forewarned is forearmed!

1. Don't Be Superbride.
You're smart, you're focused, you're energetic. But you're still one woman. Superbrides—those engaged gals who devote every waking hour to wedding planning, brushing aside all offers of help—eventually run out of steam and end up near the big day with favors unassembled, invitations unstamped, shoes undyed, heads uncounted. How to avoid this fate? Call in your trusty sidekicks before you're really scrambling. Here's a little secret: People want to help. So do yourself a huge favor and accept their kind offers. Then, once you've got a cadre of pals stuffing your envelopes, sit back and have your toenails polished. You deserve it.


How to Deal with Family Issues

Your sister is jealous, and your parents don't like his parents. Here, some smart ways to handle these sticky issues.

When you’re busy planning your dream wedding, the last thing you want to deal with are family feuds. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for familial ties to fray a bit during this emotionally charged time. If you want to preserve those precious relationships, you’re going to have to face the problems head on. Our top solutions for messy situations.

“My sister pouts and whines when I talk about my wedding plans, and it’s driving me crazy!”

Believe it or not, your sister may be acting out because she feels sad. This is a tough emotion for some people to express, so jealousy, hurt and anger often serve as a mask. Put yourself in her shoes: What she sees is that “all of a sudden, you're putting your husband-to-be first and your entire family second,” explains Allison Moir-Smith, founder of Emotionally Engaged. And if your sister isn’t married yet, she could also be feeling a lack of self-confidence and concern about her own life.


Avoid these common faux pas that can turn your thanks into thuds.

Few things make a bride and groom more anxious than thank you notes—there are just so many of them to write out for different gifts, favors, and assistance with the wedding plans. Many couples worry about coming up with wording that is genuine and truly expresses their gratitude.

Tackle this last wedding task with confidence by avoiding these common blunders:

1. Getting the names wrong. Nothing is worse than writing a thank you note to guests you don’t know very well and spelling their names wrong! If their names aren't clear on the wedding gift card, check back to your master invitations list and contact a loved one who can provide the correct spelling.

2. Forgetting about the children. If a gift comes from a family with kids, be sure to list all of the childrens' names in your thank you card. If their wedding card doesn't include all of them—sometimes guests are informal and write "...and family" or "and the girls"—call a parent or friend for the full list and correct spellings. Every family (especially large, extended families) has an in-the-know relative with all of the details.


Q. What should couples consider about their finances before tying the knot?
A. Before you get married, each of you should prepare a statement of what you own and what you owe and share it with your spouse-to-be to ensure you both understand the financial union you are entering into. Talk about what your expectations are for each other in terms of sharing paychecks, paying on car or student loans, merging bank accounts, paying bills, balancing bank statements, etc. Newlyweds have enough adjustments to make so now is the time to talk and tackle any challenges as a couple.

Q. What tips can you share for merging bank accounts?
A. Generally it is easier for one of the partners to be in chargeof the account and ideally that person should be the “number cruncher” of the couple. The account should be balanced monthly in order to ensure that all checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions, car payments, etc. are entered into the check register. The current account balance should always be known in order to avoid making charges against insufficient funds. Overdraft fees are not only expensive—they can hurt your credit rating.


Create A Buffer Zone
Jetting off to somewhere for your destination wedding the morning after your wedding sounds romantic. But a better plan is to schedule your departure for a day or two later. After the whirlwind of the big day, this will give you time to get some rest and accept the fact that the wedding you spent so many months planning is actually over. "We left for our honeymoon early on the morning after our wedding," says Megan McDonnell, from New Fairfield, Connecticut, regretfully. "We went from this amazing feeling of having so many people around us the night before to being alone. If we'd stayed an extra day, we could have enjoyed being with our family and friends a little longer and relived the fun of the wedding with them. The finality of it would have felt less abrupt and harsh."


Too often brides compare their ups and downs to the pictures of pure ecstasy they see in the magazines and 
conclude there's something wrong with them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Wedding jitters happen
The emotional cocktail can be stressful and confusing, even though you have probably experienced it many times before. If you ever have moved or changed jobs, you are familiar with the wide range of feelings that accompany any major transition. This is because all transitions create gains and losses.