1.      Describe or define what our perfect wedding would be like. (Where are we? Are we inside or outside? Is it day or night? What is the season? What are we wearing? How is the facility decorated? Is it a large elaborate affair or a small intimate affair?)

2.      Describe what the past weddings for our family and friends have been like. (What have they worn? Where was the ceremony and reception held at? Who was invited? Were there important traditions that were included? What did we like about their weddings? What did we dislike?)

3.      What would make our wedding memorable, romantic, and exciting?

4.      What wedding elements are most important to us? What are least important? (Decorations, Food/beverages, Flowers, Cake, Photos, Transportation, or Favors).

5.      What wedding elements are our 3 highest priorities? What are our least?

6.      Do we prefer a large extravagant affair or a small intimate gathering?

7.      What look are we hoping to display? (Formal, Chic, Elegant, Country, Romantic, Friendly, Sophisticated, or Casual)

8.      Do we see our special day as a single event or a series of events over several days?

9.      What is our ceremony site preference? (Do we prefer our ceremony be held at a place of worship, the reception site, or a unique location?)

10.  What kind of ceremony do we want? (Religious, Civic, or Interfaith)

11.  What type of guests would we like to include? Should we include children or only a certain age group?

12.  How much can we afford to spend?

13.  Who will be responsible for the cost of the wedding? Can we count on assistance from anyone else besides ourselves?

14.  What do we want others to remember most about our wedding? (Theme, Location of Ceremony, Location of Reception  Flowers, Decorations, Bride’s Gown, Food, Beverages, Music, Favors, Cake, or Special Touches)


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Hi Ladies!

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If you haven't yet decided on what to do next, here's a Bride Checklist just for you.

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Making a preliminary guest list:

In arriving at the number of guests, keep in mind the style or formality of the wedding, your budget (do you want to invite fewer guests to an elaborate set-down dinner with an open bar or be able to invite more people and have a less elaborate reception?), and space (will the ceremony and reception site be able to accommodate all of your guests?).

There are various ways to determine how many guests to invite. Usually the bride’s family and the groom’s family each invite half of the guests. If one family is away from their hometown, one family may have fewer guests to invite. Another alternative it to split the list into thirds (if the bride and groom are from the same hometown) with the couple providing a third, then the bride’s
family gets a third and the groom’s family gets a third. As a general rule, 20% to 25% of invited guest will be unable to attend. If you were unable to invite the guests you would have liked due to the space or your budget, you can sent out more invitations when you begin receiving regrets.

Once you have decided upon your guest list, begin to compile the names, addresses of your guests.


Envision your day:

Next, use your imagination and dream for a minute about what would make your special day memorable, exciting, and romantic. Ask your groom to do the same. If you need some assistance writing down your thoughts, use worksheets Determining your Style and Formality as well as Determining your likes and dislikes at the end of this section. Your answers will aid you in determining your formality, style or  theme. This exercise will also help you to convey your ideas and paint a picture to your vendors and Wedding Consultant. Once you have some insight into what is really important to you as a couple, you can begin to focus your resources, efforts, and finances on these areas.

Setting your date:

The date that you choose will depend on:


Congratulations! You are about to journey to an event that you probably have dreamed about all your life. You have met your Prince Charming and he is about to whisk you away to your fairy-tale castle to live happily-ever-after. This will be one of the most special and wonderful time periods in your life. The memories that you create in planning your once-in-a-life time affair will be moments to treasure for a
lifetime. Undoubtedly you will want your affair to be perfect and you will want to make sure you are doing all the right things but where do you begin? How do you journey from “I will” to “I do”?

Extraordinary weddings are well thought out and planned. Planning a wedding can be a complex task. It takes an enormous amount of time, money, and energy especially when you compare it with the few hours the event takes place. However, by using this planner you can make the process manageable and easier.
The planner covers all aspects of planning a wedding, etiquette tips, ideas, and money saving tips. It also contains checklists, spreadsheets, and worksheets to help you make your decisions and help you feel confident that no detail will be overlooked. It addition, it contains tips on how to select your vendors, the basic questions you should ask them, and what should be contained in their contracts. The most important thing you can do is relax and enjoy this time period with your groom, family, and friends. You are on your way to creating a memorable event that you will treasure for a lifetime.


1. You need to know that a woman thinks about her wedding all her life. He hasn’t thought about it two minutes. He doesn’t know what kind of flowers he wants. He doesn’t care what the color theme should be.

2. You need to know men and women think about housework differently. For one thing, women think about it.

3. You need to know that if you want your husband to do something when you want him to do it, the
way you want him to do it, chances are excellent he won’t do anything.

4. You need to know he doesn’t want to talk about the marriage. He wants to watch football.

5. You need to know that when he says,“Nothing’s wrong,” nothing is wrong. Certainly nothing’s wrong enough to interrupt football.

6. You need to know if you ask him what he’s thinking about, it’s either sex, food, or football. That’s why he doesn’t want to tell you.

7. You need to know it’s hard fora man to tell you what he’s worried about. So start with something simple.
Like, is he worried the team won’t make the playoffs? Then work up.

8. You need to know men keep things.Like train sets. And baseball cards. And high school papers. This tendency may require you to find a bigger house.

9. You need to know you might spend a fortune on coloring and styling your hair, a manicure and
pedicure, a facial and new make-up, and he still won't notice anything different.

10. You need to know it doesn’t matter if you have a six-figure income. Your husband will always feel like he’s supposed to be the primary breadwinner.


1. You need to know menopause affects husbands and wives. No matter which one is going through it.

2. You need to know men go through aform of menopause too. True.

3. You need to know millions of couples have successfully navigated menopause without a divorce or a new Porsche.

4. You need to know menopause is a time when the sheets can get sweated up without anybody doing anything.

5. You need to know women tend be hot, cold, ecstatic, and suicidal all within a two-minute period.
Men tend to remain confused.

6. You need to know a man in menopause is very much like a thirteen-year-old boy. Lost, dazed,
and not sure what to do next.

7. You need to know that women in menopause tend to cry. Men tend to withdraw.


1. You need to remember these four words: “Your hair looks great.”

2. You need to know she wants to talk. A lot. Sometimes about the kids. Sometimes about a book she’s reading. Sometimes about work. Sometimes when all you want is quiet. Sometimes about stuff you’ve
already talked about—several times before.

3. You need to know you have assumed the responsibility of protecting her, caring for her, and providing for her in the physical, mental, sexual, emotional, and spiritual areas of her life.

4. You need to know your job isn’t more important than hers.

5. You need to know she needs you to be present mentally when you’re there physically.

6. You need to know there is a rule,written down somewhere, that says fathers must take their children for donuts on Saturday morning while mom sleeps in. Don’t bother trying to find it. Just follow it.

7. You need to know there will be days when her hormones will be in control of her mind. Love her anyway.

8. You need to know her definition of“shopping” doesn’t include buying clothes for the kids, cosmetics, groceries, pots and pans or buying appliances. Those are necessities. Actually “shopping” is hard to pin down.


1. You need to know being married again means you were blessed to find comfort and companionship again.

2. You need to know that it is totallypossible to get it completely wrong the first time, and completely right the second.

3. You need to know marriage is asacrament. Even second marriages. Even fourth marriages.

4. You need to know a second marriageoften means feeling like a teenager when you . . . well . . . have teenagers.

5. You need to know to make a finalemotional divorce from your ex in order to clear the path for your new marriage.

6. You need to know a secondmarriage presents you with new financial complications: houses,
retirement accounts, insurance policies, and . . . of course . . . kids.


1. You need to know that every family has issues. Even if everything looks perfectly wonderful from the outside.

2. You need to know thatmarriage fundamentally changes your relationship with your parents.

3. You need to know yourhusband’s ideas are now more important than your mom’s.

4. You need to know you have to getalong with her family even though she’s told you her
father was abusive and her mother hears voices. Happy Thanksgiving.

5. You need to know to not letparents buy you too many gifts. They usually come with strings. And guilt.


1. You need to know a husband doing housework is a turn-on for women.

2. You need to know who’s goingto push the vacuum cleaner and who’s going to take out the garbage. You better believe the issue will come up.

3. You need to know whoever works athome is expected to keep the place clean. Even if they are the primary breadwinner.

4. You need to know that even when awife goes to work and her husband tends the house, she still does most of the housework. It’s not a plot. It’s reality.