Whether you are celebrating another year of wedded bliss with your spouse or you are commemorating the day you and your significant other started dating, make the day extra special by going on a fun date. You'll have an opportunity to catch up with each other, have a good time and remember why you are so crazy for one another.

The Great Outdoors
If you're a couple who enjoys being in the great outdoors, spend your anniversary doing the things that you love in the wilderness. Ride the rapids while whitewater rafting. Hike through a nature preserve or to the top of a mountain. Go for a bike ride. Canoe on a lake and maybe go fishing. For dinner, have a barbecue in the middle of nature and then pitch a tent and spend a romantic night together under the stars.


Wedding is always about the bride. From the dresses to flowers and everything else, the Brides are the one in charge on all the wedding details. Bride's bouquet are the best accent on your wedding day. you will only be holding this for the entire event. So it better be beautiful.


1. Choose a perfect motif
2. Choose the best flower
3. Choose a flower arrangement. It can be round or bouquet type.
4. Most of all, Find a great florist.


Use your favorite shade. You’ve been in love with pale lavender since the first grade, so this is a good place to begin – with what you love. You can tastefully incorporate any color into your wedding decorations by selecting the right hue, and combining it with the right accents.

Consider the setting. Look at the colors used in your venue’s carpeting, drapery and decorations. If the site has strong colors, you’ll need to select a color scheme that complements. If you already have your heart set on a certain color, you may need to select a more neutrally decorated site but this needs to be sorted out very early on or you may miss out on a good location! However, keep an open mind about colors until you've chosen the venue, because the setting may well suggest the color scheme for you.

Be prepared to have two different/distinct color themes if your church or wedding building and reception venue are very different in tone. In general, it is probable that you will have more leeway to use colors with the reception than where the wedding ceremony itself is held. However, you can still carry the color theme in clothing and flowers from the place of marriage to the reception, even if you can't decorate the church, town hall, or register office as much as you'd like.


If you are looking for a gown to wear on you wedding day. 
We have here one of the best wedding gown you might like. 
This year gowns became glamorous and the unique it is the better.
Bead works is the new lace nowadays. 
Designers make their own lace design because lace fabric are a bit common or other designs are been using them. So how about make your own design.
There are great designers all over the world but your gown will pay a good price.
Why not? It  is the most important day of your life. You have to look gorgeous on your day.
But keep in mind, If you can afford it then go for the most best, if not it is always good to innovate.

What to consider in choosing a wedding gown?
First, you have to choose your theme.
Themes are: 
Movie Inspired

Second, Do your research first before you make a decision.
It is good to be always prepared.

Take note: A failure to plan is preparing to fail.

How do you want your wedding gown to look like?


Is your wedding date knocking at the doors? Then, you are probably the happiest person on earth. You need to be certain that you look best in this treasured event of your life. Hence, the most important thing that needs attention is the wedding dress. You must choose one that is stylish, sober and harmonizes perfectly well with your wedding theme. The key factor is that you should look like a princess and gain appreciations. So, here the tips that you must keep in mind while selecting your wedding dress:

Set your budget

Wedding dresses are available in a range of price tags. While some may appear extremely costly, others may be too cheap for you. So, the most important thing is to set your budget first. This will help you to focus on the best deals and best brands that come within your affordable range.

Prioritize upon the theme

Although the basic colour of wedding dress is white, ecru and ivory, a theme wedding will demand a specific colour scheme and style. So, before buying a bridal wear always think whether you will be tie the wedlock in a conventional way, or plan to go for a beach wedding, or it is a theme wedding. If for example you are considering castle weddings, think about the backdrop or decoration of the castle and how that ties in with your dress. You might choose to go more traditional for venues such as churches or castles, or more modern if your theme is a little left of centre! The selection of your wedding dress will depend on that.