When most brides plan their wedding, they tend naturally to focus more on their dress and less on the groom’s look. Maybe that is the reason why the groom’s attire seems to be the same in many weddings.

There are so many alternatives to the ‘plain black suit’ out there!

I think that the grooms attire is also extremely important because it is another visual element that should match the theme, the style of the wedding day, and the bride’s dress. If all the elements come together, it makes the pictures more beautiful and even helps inspire your wedding photographer photographer :)

While I was browsing online to find groom’s suits for this blog post, I was amazed by how much information there is out there on groom’s attire. A whole new world opened itself up to me. It just proved to me how true it is that not everyone should not stick with the black, formal suit all the time, and that they should open their eyes to different options.


What to wear?

Make sure he looks good walking down the aisle. Here, style and fit tips to make him gorgeous in any suit he chooses.

Suit or tuxedo? Bow tie or four-in-hand? Classic or cutting edge? Chances are your groom won't put quite as much time and effort into picking his wedding suit as you'll put into selecting your gown, but he still has plenty of decisions to make. He'll want to look great, feel comfortable and match the overall style and formality of the wedding. Here's help.

One thing is for sure…all men look better in a tuxedo. But just like men, not all tuxedos are built alike. Subtle differences in jackets, collars, and pant styles can be flattering or fatal, depending on your body type, so the challenge is finding the right style for you. Remember, a wedding picture lasts a lifetime, so there's every reason to look your best. Here's how…

The traditional purpose of formal attire for men is to create a simple, yet elegant style of dress that allows the woman to stand out. At no time is this more important than on her wedding day. There are many guidelines to consider, but it's your wedding, so feel free to bend the rules slightly as you see fit: (Check out Groom's Glossary for more style definitions.)


The bridal bouquet began as a bunch of fragrant herbs (often garlic flowers) whose job was to keep evil spirits away from the bride. It started not as a bouquet, but as a garland of fresh herbs stuck in the bride hair. When Queen Victoria got married she carried fresh flowers in a bride’s bouquet instead herbs. Thus in since Victorian times flowers carried messages, as each flower had its own special meaning.

It wasn’t before XIV century when the bride started to throw personal things and among them her bridal bouquet before she leaves on her wedding trip. Prior to this tradition getting a piece of the bride’s clothing was considered good luck. In those days, guests would grab bride’s wedding dress and tear off pieces of it. Nowadays, the groom removes and tosses the garter, while the bride tosses her bouquet.

Did you know that magnolia means love of nature and stephanotis signifies marital happiness? During the Victorian era, The Language of Flowers created an ultra-romantic language for lovers' correspondence in which flowers replaced words. If you want to suffuse your wedding flowers with symbolism, check out our guide to the most popular wedding flowers and decide which messages move you most. Happy gathering!


The Tradition of Wedding Garters

It is believed that the tradition of wedding garters is one of the oldest wedding traditions still in practice. There are a few theories as to how wedding garters came to be so popular and how they have stood the test of time.

Several centuries ago, it was believed that owning a piece of the wedding dress that the bride wore on her wedding day would bring the owner good luck. This would often end up with the wedding dress being ripped and ruined. Thus, the brides started wearing wedding garters so that the good luck could be thrown to a single guest.

These days, it is tradition for the groom to remove the garter from the bride and throw it to all eligible bachelors to ensure his good luck. The bride, in turn, throws her bouquet to eligible women and that woman will be the next to marry. This varies from the tradition of centuries ago. It used to be the bride who would throw the garter to the eligible men. It is said that sometimes the men at the wedding would become too drunk and try to forcefully remove the garter from the bride. The groom would intervene and remove the garter from the bride to protect her. Thus, the groom rather than the bride threw wedding garters to the crowd.


Say now isn't there a special occasion coming up?

Well, if it is your wedding then you're probably thinking about what song to pick for your wedding!

If you're an avid lover of music then you should probably give this list a try which might just have the perfect song that fits the fairytale romance of your life!

Here are the list:

  1. Make you feel my love - Adele
  2. Marry You - Bruno Mars
  3. Marry me - Train
  4. You and me - Dave Matthews
  5. All my life - k-ci and jojo
  6. You and me - life House
  7. I do - Colbie Caillat
  8. A Thousand Years - Christian Perri
  9. I'm yours - Jason Mraz
  10. I loved her first - Heartland
  11. Perfect Two - Auburn
  12. God gave me you - Blake Sheton
  13. Just the way you are - Bruno Mars
  14. Breathe - Faith Hill
  15. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
  16. Your Song - Elton John
  17. Then - Brad Paisley
  18. Greatest Day- Take That
  19. Come Away with me - Nora Jones
  20. Because of you - Neyo


Here it is – the ultimate list of best wedding love songs. Instead of arrange the songs according to wedding category, we’ve opted to provide one big list which alphabetically lists the song by title, as just about any song could be used in any number of stages during a wedding.

This list should also give you some ideas for background music to put to your wedding video, or your wedding photo slideshow.


The bells are officially ringing for wedding season! Whether you're a spouse-to-be, a maid of honor, a guest, or even a Pinterest-addicted aspiring bride, these matrimony-appropriate looks are sure to bring out your inner celebrity on the big day.

Ashley Madekwe
Although the "Revenge" star's Jennifer Behr broach looked glitzy, her loose and textured top knot added contrast for a more effortless and less contrived feel. In order to balance out the sizable hair ornament, Sally Hershberger's wedding hair wizard Ruben Colon said the sideswept bangs are essential. "It makes the clip more proportional and also keeps the style looking more youthful," he said. To tidy up a top knot just a bit, Colon recommended spritzing hairspray on the backside of a paddle brush and using it as a tool to smooth the surface of the bun.



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Save the Dates

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Wedding Invitations


The cocktail portion of your wedding may not be at the top of your planning agenda, but for many guests, those 60-plus minutes spent sipping drinks and nibbling on gourmet hors d'oeuvres are one of the best times of the night. "This hour sets the tone and warms guests up for your reception," says New York City-based planner and designer Shawn Rabideau. "It's also often in a laid-back setting, so you can get really creative, bring in different music or exotic cuisine, and let your personalities come through." To kick off your celebration, follow this primer to a wonderful cocktail hour. It includes easy tips, from how to get the flow of your room right to how to choose the delicious bites and booze that your guests will love.

Create an Open Layout

Walking out of a lovely ceremony only to find yourself stuck in a throng of guests pushing their way into the party room can be a quick mood killer. "The layout of your cocktail reception will make or break a good time," says Rabideau. To make the atmosphere more about mingling (and less about waiting for some wine), free the space of potential roadblocks, and make food and drink easily accessible.

Get a Drink in Their Hands Fast