1. List of guest.
It is best to know first the number of guest before choosing the venue. Make a list of guest you want to be with on your special day. In having certain number it is easier to find a venue for your reception. Make sure to find a venue who has a wedding package. In this case, they will have compliments and freebies for you wedding like the cocktails or the wedding car, etc.

2. Cash on hand segregation
The budget is all about proper accounting. Start with the details like wedding gown, invitation, flowers, photographer, food, venue. You have to decide what is your goal, whether you want a good food, spacious, accessible or something else. You can ask for a taste test to know if the food is good or observe when they have wedding in the venue. Having to witness an actual wedding will help you decide too.

3. Wedding flowers
Sometimes, brides are splurging on their wedding bouquet. Let the floral arrangement in charge of the reception to do your bouquets and pick the flowers that are in season. It will help you save on money and lesser problem to think of.

4. Check your credit
Since a wedding is expected to have higher cost take advantage of your credit card rewards. The more you spent the more points you earn. You may convert it to miles for your honeymoon or have some appliances for your new house.

5. Do the RSVP
Follow up your guest if they can coming on your wedding. Say no if they asked for a plus one guest. Be firm to all. Remember it is okay to say no and do some white lies like your parents and soon to be in laws invited many friends and relatives. It is your wedding, and you have the right. They will eventually understand. Mostly married friends will understand because they've been there and with the single friends will understand it later when their time comes. Lol!

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